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Olivia's 9th Birthday Party | Bath Bomb Party

The Brief: Handmade bath bombs, games & a heavy dose of SPARKLES!

Theme: Sparkles, all the sparkles!

Location: At home, Canberra ACT.

Party Guests: Girls that love getting creative (bath bombs), love party games and glitter (sparkle station)!

Olivia’s birthday party was a blast! We combined a few fun offerings and mixed them together for the perfect hybrid, an extended package for a few hours that would have something for all guests and keep them entertained. We can tell you now (if you don’t already know) 9-year-old girls are competitive, especially dancers! So, we brought back a few of our old classics to the party…yes, we had a Twister competition and that game will test you, one fit of laughter and you could come tumbling to the ground!

Olivia’s theme request was sparkles (we love glitter) and our sparkle station was the perfect edition to the party. As each guest arrived our party host whipped up some sparkle magic and TA-DA we now had a group of beautiful, glittery unicorns ready to party.

Next up, bath bombs! A homemade recipe so you know exactly what is going into each goodie and a mix of colours to jazz it all up. Not only are bath bombs parties a really fun activity that gets everyone involved, they are also the perfect party favour for your guests to take home. Keep that bath bomb safe though, there may be a well deserving Mum with her eye on that and a nice hot bath.

Bath Bomb Party

While our bath bombs were left to set our party games begun, if you have never played the chocolate game you are seriously missing out! Do you know how hard it is to cut chocolate with a knife and fork? Add a hilarious costume in the mix and you are guaranteed a laugh. Twister, Hula Hoops, Mummy wrap and a pass the parcel for good measure.

The ultimate party with something for everyone. Wrapping up a fun and hilarious afternoon with singing the birthday girl ‘Happy Birthday’, cake, handing out goodie bags and farewelling all the party guests was the cherry on top of Olivia’s 9th birthday – and what a fabulous day it was.

Planning, Games & Hosting: Tiny Creatures & Co

Sparkle Station: Tiny Creatures & Co

Contact us directly for your custom quote. We offer packages to suit a range of budgets. Here at Tiny Creatures we take the time and stress out of parties and run the whole process from initial planning to the party hosting on the day.


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