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Billy’s 4th Birthday | Billy Turns 4 – ROAR!

The Brief: Outside & Dinosaurs. Colours of choice = Green & Orange

Theme: Outdoor Dinosaur Party

Location: Learn to Ride Park in Greenway Canberra. No need to book but get in early to secure your spot at this popular Canberra weekend spot.

Party Guests: Kids who love to be active and are all about the party games and their bikes.

With the theme chosen and free reign from Billy’s ever chilled Mum, Rachel, we were on our way to planning a dinosaur party fit for energetic kids. Custom balloon colours green and orange were featured throughout the party under a marquee full of dinosaur themed party games designed by us.

Green dinosaur footprints led the way from the carpark into the party space for guests, big and small. Canberra turned on a fabulous day for a kids party with enough wind to hype up the balloons. A custom balloon garland with our dinosaur colours sat pretty for guests as they came into the local park.

We took Billy’s favourite games and added a dinosaur twist – pin the tail on the dinosaur, custom dinosaur party hats, mini dinosaur hunt and a piñata full of goodies.

Concept: Tiny Creatures & Co

Custom Party Hats: Tiny Creatures & Co

Styling & Planning & Hosting: Tiny Creatures & Co

Photography: Ash St George

Food/Cake/Goodie Bags: Billy’s Mum, Rachel

Contact us directly for your custom quote. We offer packages to suit a range of budgets. Here at Tiny Creatures we take the time and stress out of parties and run the whole process from initial planning to the party hosting on the day.


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